Rise of the Uber-Rock Star

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Jimmi Hood is The Godfather of Uber-Rock, a visionary American rock musician, a NEW artist from the revered classic rock era who is defying youth-oriented convention, raising the bar, validating 30+ adult music fans worldwide and re-igniting American rock and roll with the intent of restoring the cultural relevance of rock on a global basis... 


Released June 26th, 2013 the YouTube video for Jimmi Hood's debut single "Rock-A-Bye, Baby (The Blues Rock Anthem)" now has over a half million views from 50+ countries around the planet and is still climbing...  


Anyone see THIS Guy Coming???  


If you've never experienced the thrill of a game-changing rock artist, now's your chance to get on board, become part of history and witness the birth of Jimmi Hood's Uber-Rock: Classic Rock for the 21st Century.


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         Rock and Roll LIVES!!!

This digital single is available for download on iTunes &  Amazon.com


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