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Jimmi Hood 'The Godfather Of Uber-Rock' Unleashes A Powerful Debut Single At Age 63 And Validates Adult Music Fans Worldwide


The Global Rise Of 'Rock-A-Bye, Baby (The Blues Rock Anthem)' Heralds The Seismic Birth Of Jimmi Hood's Alpha Brand -- Uber-Rock: Classic Rock For The 21st Century


NORTHPORT, N.Y., Oct. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Inspired by a Billboard article entitled "30+, Music For Grown-Ups, 80 Million Customers With No Place To Go", Jimmi Hood, a no-nonsense American rock singer, songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist record producer is defying last century's outmoded youth-oriented model, raising the bar, targeting the worldwide 30+ adult market and intent on restoring the cultural relevance of rock on a global basis with the Uber-Rock Records release of his debut single "Rock-A-Bye, Baby (The Blues Rock Anthem)".


A high-energy, guitar-drenched celebration of American rock and roll that fuses elements of blues, rock, r&b and gospel in a high-octane rock song that keeps it masterfully real, "Rock-A-Bye, Baby (The Blues Rock Anthem)" was written, arranged and performed by Hood, features his lead guitar playing, whiskey vocal and infectious "Hey, hey..." chant and has the coveted radio-friendly, multi-format appeal of Kid Rock's massive hit "All Summer Long" without leaning on a prior classic. "What today's recording industry doesn't get," Hood said, "is that for the first time in history there are millions of savvy rock music fans worldwide who are more sophisticated than the new acts being presented to them. At the same time all these millions of savvy rock music fans get is the back catalog of legendary heritage acts recycling decades-old creativity. What's needed is a "NEW" game-changing artist for adults who can match the creativity of what was and take it up from there. Hence, The Hoodman cometh. I'm out to shatter music industry age bias with artistic excellence." 


An authentic rock and roll musician who came of age in the 1960s and early 70s, Hood witnessed The Beatles perform live three times (Forest Hills,1964; Shea Stadium,1965 & 1966) and learned to play bass guitar by listening to Paul McCartney on "Eight Days A Week".  Hood had another life-altering experience when he attended all four days of the historic 1969 Woodstock Festival in Bethel, New York, and stood within fifty feet of Jimi Hendrix as the iconic guitarist performed the Star Spangled Banner on a white Fender Stratocaster guitar.


A decade later, Hood was signed to Atlantic Records as a songwriter and record producer and was mentored by former Atlantic Records president Jerry L. Greenberg, a legendary record executive who worked with major rock acts like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Foreigner. In sum, Jimmi Hood is a new artist from the revered classic rock era and represents an unprecedented phenomenon for rock music fans: "Rock and roll lives," Hood said. "For those who think they were born too late and missed out on the golden age of rock, think again. There's still one to come in your lifetime." 


Hood has a track record with international hits: In the late Seventies (under his birth name James R. Glaser) Hood was the president and co-founder of Orbit Records, the independent label that launched the recording career of r&b vocalist Tasha Thomas on Atlantic Records. Hood was the songwriter, bass guitarist and record producer (along with Orbit co-founder Peter Rugile) of Tasha's international dance club smash "Shoot Me (With Your Love)" – a record that was nominated for R&B single of the year at the 1979 BMA Awards and recognized by the late music critic Robert Palmer of The New York Times as "…a classic of erotic dance music."


Jimmi Hood is currently the CEO & founder of Uber-Rock Entertainment, Inc., the artist's New York-based production company and record label dedicated to artistic excellence and the global promotion of Uber-Rock: Classic Rock For The 21st Century.  Stay tuned...


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